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SM-H004 Carbon Fiber Heating Women Wear Vest

SM-H004 Carbon Fiber Heating Women Wear Vest


SM-H004 Carbon Fiber Heating Women Wear Vest

1.The length and width are adjustable 
   1 for all size (S to XXXL)              
2.Fabric:    Polyster     
   Lining: sandwich mesh cloth                                   
3.battery: Capacity-7800 mah
 voltage-7.4 v
Outputvoltage/current: USB port - 5 V - 2A
   DC port :7.4 V
charger:input voltage/current: DC8.4 V to 8.8 V / 1 a         
 4.Temprature control: 3 levels(40-75℃)      5 levels(40-80℃)
5.size: Asia: shoulder -38 cm, chest : 108 cm waist : 101-125 cm length: 55-58cm Europe/USA: shoulder  -38 cm chest : 114cm waist : 110-134 cm length: 68-71 cm
6. Color: RED/ROSE RED   
7.WASHABLE - Hand/ Machine/ Dry wash available  8.OEM and ODM service are accepted.
8.power system :DC/USB POWER BANK
9.heating pads (3/5 PCS or more -According to customer's requirement)

Heating Technology:
Thin Micro-carbon fiber heating panels actively
Function for carbon fiber:  improve circulation of blood for health care
No deformable, washable, waterproof
5 heating zones: 2 on waist left and right (Protecting kidney)
                         2 on front (protecting stomach)
                         1 on center back (protecting neck)

Hand washing/Machine washing /Dry washing
Battery and Temperature
3 Setting Temperature Controller with patent design silicon button

Temperature Level Temperature Lasting period Button light color
High 70-75 ℃ 3-4 hours Red
Medium 60-65 ℃ 5-6 hours White
Low 40-45 ℃ 7-8 hours Blue
Power System: DC&USB Power Bank
Voltage: 7.4V
Input: 7800mA
Rechargeable power bank (Full Charge needs 5-6 hours)
Heat Duration of Optional Power Bank
 rose red
Gender: female

Exterior:  Polyster
Lining: high-grade sandwich mesh cloth
Pedding Material: Cotton
Style: Vest

Where to use?
Perfect for outdoor exersices, skating, Skiing, camping, hunting, snowmobiling, motorcycling, or just plain walking around in cold seasons.
the ideal mid layer and also works great as a standalone vest
Silicon Button Battery Instructions:
1. Plug rechargeable battery into the wire in your garment’s right pocket.
2. Turn rechargeable battery on by holding the power button for 3-5 seconds.
3. The rechargeable battery will turn on, as well as the touch button light.
4. Adjust temperature using the touch button and not the rechargeable battery.
5. Enjoy!