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SM-H006-7.4V multifunction Electric Heating Warm Waist Belt

7.4V multifunction  Electric Heating Warm Waist Belt


7.4V multifunction  Electric Heating Warm Waist Belt

1. 7.4/4800 mah battery (3.7 V9600mAh)
2. The front and back of the abdomen were warm
3. High school low temperature 3 adjustable
4. Three modes of massage (adjustable hammer, massage, kneading) 5. Power supply or direct current
6. Waterlogged washing battery parameters: 7.4/4800 milliampere battery
Material fabric: OK cloth compound SBR
Product size: 105 * 21.2 cm
Net weight: 430g/bar (excluding battery) battery weight: 230g/use data:
High temperature: 65 degrees 3.5 hours: 55 degrees 5 hours low temperature: 45 degrees 6.5 hr
charging time: 5 hours or so
Heating Technology:
Thin Micro-carbon fiber heating panels actively
Function for carbon fiber:  improve circulation of blood for health care
                          No deformable, washable, waterproof
1 heating zones
Hand washing/Machine washing /Dry washing

Power System: USB power charge
Voltage: 7.4V

Color: black
Gender: unisex
Chinese herb bag is prepared by traditional Chinese medical scientists. (Function: antibacterial, antiviral, sedative and anti-allergic).

Exterior:  SBR
Lining: stretch cloth & net
Style: Waist Belt
Where to use?
Suitable for people: long time work in air conditioned environment, waist cold, uterine cold, muscle strain after long time driving, weak lumbar

1. Plug DC Din to belt
2. Plug USB to 7.4V power supply
3. Enjoy!
Please attend the using period according to your physical condition.